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'Always there for you' by Neko-me
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I don't really watch "MLP", but THIS image takes me back to when I was in 1st grade. There was this girl who I've liked so much as if s...

Avomon by Zummeng
by Zummeng

THIS IS AWESOME! Can she do the "BIG-BANG ATTACK" next?:XD: I mean, it would look REALLY cool if she did becayse I had a dream about Renam...



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United States
Listen It doesn't even matter if you win or lose, yet when you play the Game you get a Scar and a Bruise.
We gotta stand strong we'd fight hard when we do, and all of our troubles can get killed and go poof.
No-matter how bad things are we try, even if we're in a problem kind'a like a "HELL's-RIDE".
All of us can live and all of us can die, but most of us just build our whole lives in a lie.
I used ta blame the assholes from the ghetto for the shit that they do and say, but see they'll never blame me for going away.
Because these memories of their Blood bleeding under my skin, repeating the same bullshit again and again.

I'm willing to make Art-Work Short YouTube-Films, Video-Games, and Fan-Fics regarding both Cartoon & CGI. And if anybody needs me I'll be on Google+, Don't ask if I have Oovoo cause I don't Oovoo-fuck.

Hi I'm Jaidon S. Nukaru. I'm just an average "A&tC"-Fan,I make Fan-Art, Fan-Fictions, Videos, Songs and all that jazz hehehehe. Alvin and Brittany are both my fave there ever were, somewhat Simon and Jeanette (kind-of easy ta know that they might get married hehehe) and Theodore and Eleanor are sort'a my fave as well. I have no problem with either the CGI or Cartoon-Versions of them (in-case that wasn't obvious) both Versions are in my vote (which is a 50-50), yet there are times when I arrive in new environments but there are moments to when I make a mistake either once or more than that (so please forgive me if things slip my mind). Though I don't really like nor enjoy "Mixed Couples" at all, if I meet somebody who do I'm not gonna judge argue or fight with them, so I'm only letting people be themselves (I'm that good of a person.) Most of the above is pretty well known facts, so I'll tell a little about myself outside of Chipmunk related things, too. I'm an Extreme-Mix-Marshal-Artist (traditional that is) I fight for who I Protect even if I have to risk my life for them (there are times when I don't think about my own well-being so mess with anyone I care about you mess with me) and there are times when I don't understand most things (either fully or well enough) I am an African-American (but mixed with a bit of Japanese, hehehe guilty) I once lived in Chicago, (which I call Chiraq-Vietcago) in Illinois but just moved to Youngstown, Ohio (getting the hang of the place kind'a fast though.) Some other things I like besides Chipmunks are Anime-Shows, Sprite-Shows (getting ready to make my own though haha) Anime-Films, Horror-Films, Murder Documentaries, collecting Media and using it at times when I'm bored and stuff, Music (Clean or Explicit) Stories (Either on a Book or on the Web) Video-Games (My main one is Soul Caliber V though because I can create Characters such as "the Chipmunks & Chipettes and more) Rapping and Singing (but only when I record just by using my "Mixcraft 6") Finding stuff that I can use during some of my walks to most areas (for example I find Sticks and Pipes to transform into weaponry for when I don't feel like using my fists and feet) and I do tons and tons of racing (either on foot or behind the weal though.) There are times when I get mean, I'm a nice guy but lie to me, cross or double-cross me, aggravate me, harass me, bully me, try to punk me out, threaten me, or even try to fool or trick me into things, I'll be coming back for whoever did so in all of those Categories so watch out! Plus there are times to when I act like a fool, and just plane-ole don't know what I'm doing (so there will be times to when I need at least a little-bit of guidance) and I have no problem admitting that. Some things I don't like are bullies, liars, crooks & criminals, idiots, judgmental folks, unexpected occurrences and events, murderers, thieves, cheaters, and gayness. Some things I'm afraid of are my family dying (plus other good people) and my pets dying (unsuspectingly.) I think that about sums it up, really. Just keep in mind that I might make some mistakes every once and a while, so please, just take it easy on me.

I wish I had a need and a want to argue fight and rant like most of you all, so that I could enjoy your company.
Also I don't like to be judged so quickly, so please if your going to classify me as something when we meet for the first time, just at least give them a chance before you make the person on the other end feel so untrusted.



Ever heard of Green-Blackness? This is what it really mean.
So before you all even say ANYTHING...



Depending on the mood I'm in, it's according how I feel. I'm a nice guy, but if I'm pushed I won't go easy just to let everyone know. So please, let's all be friends, not Enemies.

:iconjplz::iconaplz::iconiplz::icondplz: :icondeviljinplz: :iconsplz::iconhplz::iconaplz::icondplz::iconoplz::iconwplz:


Journal History

OK, so it's been a while since I last posted any Fan-fics, though I've JUST posted 2 new ones not too long ago.
Is anybody here a Lilo & Stitch fan? And is anybody here a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog as well?
Well, I am, and I'm doing a mashup but it involves a bit of Bloodshed right along with it.
So yeah it's gonna be rated PG-13 to rated PG-16 (don't asking bother why I put 16 in the rating ranking), so I'm gonna need a bit of a bit of ideas.
Feel free to RP with me if you feel you have any ideas to share with me, right now I'm gonna be posting 2 more this week.
Either that or today, it's according to how long I feel like holding back a Fan-fic and or it's Chapters and Episodes really.
It's also gonna be :iconnewgroundsplz: Material as well, so if you're on Newgrounds as well just PM me with tips if what I should put, add, or replace some things.

Thank you.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: "Angel Of Darkness" by Alex C & Yasm
  • Reading: My Nana's old Diary from before she passed aw
  • Watching: ASURA's WRATH on YouTube
  • Playing: Any FIGHTING Game, Plus ADVENTURE Games as well
  • Eating: A Balanced meal
  • Drinking: Water, Coffee, and mainly Tea


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Shadow: “I was wondering if you are willing to join my team, we need another Warrior to help us fight against DR. Eggman.”
Stitch: “Huh?...”
Reuben: “Join a team YOU lead? I don’t think so pal. Give us a--”
Stitch & Angel: “Reuben!”
Stitch: “JUST, shut, up…”
Shadow: “So anyway, I do not lead the team. There’s a Blue Hedgehog by the name of Sonic who does, I can take you to meet him if you wish.”
Stitch: “Sonic huh? That’s the name of that Blue one who we all saw when we defeated Leroy?”
Shadow: “Yes, and I promise that you won't regret it.”
Reuben: “Come on cuz, you can’t POSSIBLY leave us and join him and this Sonic guy.”
Stitch: “I’m NOT leaving my family, nor am I joining. Though I WOULD like to meet Sonic, he sorta seemed like he was ready to fight Leroy when we got there.”
Shadow: “Then it’s settled, I can get us all back to where the crisis took place quick just by Chaos Control.”
Stitch: “Chaos Control?...”

Angel walks her way beside Stitch to assure that this isn’t a trick just to call him out for a challenge.

Angel: “Mika come with him.”
Shadow: “A loving girlfriend by your side at all times huh? Heh, just like Sonic and Amy.” *pulls out a Chaos Emerald* “Chaos, CONTROL!” *disappears with them both*
Reuben: “I don’t think I trust them around that Black and Red bastard, I can sorta tell he’s emo pretty easily.”

With Sonic and the gang…

Sonic: “Hey Knux, wanna go hit some waves?”
Knuckles: “You mean surfing? Oh boy you KNOW it!”
Sonic: “Better go grab a board quickly, because THIS is gonna be a BIG one.”

Shadow then appeared along with Stitch and Angel.

Shadow: “Hey Sonic!”
Sonic: “WHAT the--” *turns around and sees them*
Shadow: “Behold, our new partners.”
Sonic: “New PARTNERS? They were JUST here EARLIER today!”
Stitch: “Aloha, my name is Stitch. And this is Angel.”
Amy: “Hey I just realized something…”
Angel: “Taka?...”
Amy: “SHE’s just as Pink as ME! Wow talk about similarity at somewhat.”
Shadow: They’re ON our side Tails.”
Tails: “I don’t CARE! WHY did you bring them back HERE?!”
Sonic: “So, Stitch is it? I’m Sonic, thanks for dealing with that look alike of yours. I didn’t know if rather or not Amy did a Drawing of you when she showed me a Photograph of you, but I’m guessing it was all true.”
Amy: “Well DUH Sonic, you thought I was LYING?!
Sonic: “Nah, I coulda sworn he was an urban legend or something.”
Stitch: “The name of my look alike was Leroy, he was once created and sent to kill me a while back. Though the problem with him was that he had a weakness according to yet another one of my creator's flaws.”
Sonic: “Flaws?”
Stitch: “Yeah, though after his defeat he was somehow resurrected by DR. Jacques Von Hämsterviel. Although, just over 2 months ago HIS defeat was not what he’d expected.”
Tails: “WHOA!”
Knuckles: “YOU mean…”
Stitch: “Yes, he troubled an entire Galaxy’s worth of good and innocent people, so I have ended him for good.”
Omega: “So you have eliminated this DR. Jacques Von Hämsterviel for good.”
Stitch: ((A robot?...)) “Well… Yes, I killed him by a huge blast I’ve fired. Though it was Deathly.”
Sonic: “Well, we all don’t have to worry about HIM then.”
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “You SHOULD be!” *appears from out of nowhere and punches Stitch through four buildings*
Amy Sonic & Angel: “STITCH!”
Shadow: “The HELL?!” ((The doctor must have found out about Stitch and his Dead enemy, so now he’s backing away from all the robo Hedgehogs for now and is now making robo Rabbits.))
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “YOU are not worth KILLING right now Experiment 626, I will deal with YOU after I take down this HEDGEHOG.”
Stitch: “Not if--Not if I can help it!” *springs up in the air and charges at him*
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “WHAT a fool you are.” *catches him*
Stitch: “Huh?!”
Angel: “STITCH!” *charges and Spin-Dashes at him*
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “YOU are just as foolish as your loving Hero!” *catches her* “I grow tired of you.” *Blasts them both through buildings*
Sonic: “CRAP! I guess our surfing will have to wait.”
Knuckles: “I GOT THIS!” *runs up and uses* “SHORYUKEN!”
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: *catches him at the attack* “Your Shoryuken won’t be able to touch me Echidna.”
Knuckles: “NO FREAKIN’ WAY!”
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “You’re not my target either, so SCRAM!” *throws him at Tails* “SONIC, you and I fight… NOW!”
Sonic: “Well OK, but FIRST you’ll have to CATCH me.” *Dashes off*
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: “Your Speed will NOT get you very far Hedgehog.” *teleports to the end of Sonic’s path*
Sonic: “Oh SNAP!” *skids and stops* “OK so you can teleport, but can you BEAT me is the question.”
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: *disappears*
Sonic: “WHAT the-- Alright you White bucket of bolts, WHERE’d ya go?”
Hydraulic Hämsterviel: *appears and kicks him through a bolder* “Your annihilation begins NOW!” *readys a blast*
Stitch & Angel: *punches through him from behind*
Stitch: “Not today you piece of junk…”


Amy: “SONIC!”
Tails: “Oh no…”
Knuckles: “That kills it, Eggman’s gone TOO far!”
Sonic: “Or HAS he?”
Knuckles: “Huh?” *looks up and sees Sonic Stitch & Angel*
Stitch: “worthless trash can, I hate robots.”
Tails: “SONIC!”
Amy: “OH thank GOODNESS you’re okay!”
Sonic: “Heh, the fight seemed EASY with THESE too around.”
Stitch: “Since we’re somewhat the same… Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten…”
Ruge: “That’s so… True…”
Sonic: “You gots SKILL for a couple of aliens, wanna head over to Station Square after our vacation here?”
Stitch: “Well Angel?”
Angel: “Okitaka.”
Sonic: “I’m guessing that’s a yes.”
626-meets Sonic-6: Another Easy Fight
Sonic & Amy © SEGA, Stitch & Angel © Walt Disney
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Jumba: “626, I need to speak to you.”
Stitch: “About?” *opens a can of coke*
Jumba: “Well, it’s about you really.I’m starting to worry about you…”
Stitch: “You don’t have to say it, I know what you’re gonna say…” *finishes his coke and tosses the can in the trash* “I… I went too far in that fight…”
Jumba: “Uh, well yeah, but also you--”
Stitch: “Didn’t have to kill Leroy… Yeah, but I didn’t know I’d be that strong.” *gets up and walks to a window* “I just didn’t think anything of my… I just--”
Jumba: “You NEED to control your strength a little more, little girl just saw what you did on the TV, she TOO didn’t expect what has happened.” [sigh] “I’m guessing I might have gave you a little too much molecule on the muscle area when I have created you, though you still use it for good. All you have to do is just take it easy 626, that’s just it. There is really no need to mutilate your enemy.”
Stitch: [sigh] “I know Jumba. I know…”

With Sonic and the gang…

Tails: “Sonic, I’m beginning to grow tired of Shadow now.”
Sonic: “Well then why did you run into him back at Station Square? If anything he’s up to something, and I think it has something to do with that de-header.”
Tails: “Well he did look a little like you, except his ears are a little bigger than yours, and he has no spikes either.”
Knuckles: “He’s a little more muscular too, but I don’t think he’s THAT fast.”
Tails: “He just BROKE the SOUND-barrier when he darted through that Red LOOK alike of his Knuckles.”So? It doesn’t mean that he’s faster than Sonic Tails, he’s the Fastest Thing ALIVE and there’s NO changing that. Right Sonic?”
Sonic: “I’m NOT gonna worry about it.”
Shadow: “But I am, I’m going after those Galactic Emeralds and add that alien on our team.” *walks off*
Sonic: “OH no you don’t!” *Dashes in front of him* You’re not adding ANYONE!”
Shadow: “Get outta my way Sonic.” *grabs and throws him towards a sand castle*
Sonic: [groans] *shakes the sand off* “Jerk… FINE then, GO on ahead and get your head knocked off I’m SURE you’ll be HAPPY! Hmph, what a prick.”

Meanwhile, somewhere over seas was a tall fat man wearing  a Red lab coat builds yet another Death robot because of his failure in attempting to defeat Sonic. He is a scientist yes, but a scientist with a knack for building battlebots that always fail every time they come in counter with our Blue Hero. This scientist goes by the name of DR. Ivo Eggman Robotnik.

Eggman: “FINALLY, I’ve DONE it! I have FINALLY created a machine strong enough to end Sonic ONCE and for all! Ooo-ho-ho-ho-ho-hoooo! And to THINK that my Metal Sonics were enough to pound Blue blur’s bones to bits, THIS robot will surely take the cake!” *grabs a button trigger* “Now ARISE my Hyperbolic Creation of Poverty!” *presses it*

By a press of that button, the robot comes to life and awakens.

Eggman: “GO hydraulic Hämsterviel and find Sonic, and when you do, KILL him! Should anybody get in your way, eliminate them as well.”
hydraulic Hämsterviel: “As you wish Doctor…” *takes off flying through a wall*
Eggman: “Aw CRAP! I’ve forgotten to add an opening there.” [sigh] “PLEASE do not fail me hydraulic Hämsterviel…”

Back with Stitch…

Stitch: *walks up and sits beside Angel on the front porch* “Um, Angel?”
Angel: *turns her head toward him*
Stitch: “I… I need you to do something for me?”
Angel: “Huh?...”
Stitch: *pulls out his Sword from it’s sheath* “This Blade, is no longer useful to me. I don’t even know why I have this, so…” [sigh]
Angel: “BoojiBoo…”
Stitch: “I need you to take this, and destroy it…”
Angel: “BoojiBoo, that Sword is your pride and JOY. Your Weapon of CHOICE, why would you want to get rid of it?”
Reuben: “Isn’t it obvious sweet cheeks?” *walks in front of them* “He says he’s DONE with it, he HAS no REGARD for it. Though there’s no need to DESTROY it. Why not give it to me?”
Stitch: “Because it’s better this way, this ninja katana sword is called the Green Destiny. It used to belong to Bhilai, then he gave it to Li Mu Bai before His Death. They both have Died as Grand Masters, but after Li Mu Bai’s Death it was sent off elsewhere in Japan.”
Reuben: “Whoa-whoa-whoa wait a second cuz, are you saying that that Sword used to belong to two Dead guys?”
Stitch: “Yes, but now it will fall in the wrong hands, and I can’t allow that to happen.”
Reuben: “Well Hämsterviel’s Dead and so is Leroy, although…”
Stitch: “627 is still around.”
Angel & Reuben: [GASP!] “WHAT?!”
Stitch: “If he gets a hold of this Blade he will kill everyone and EVERYTHING with the use of it, THAT’s why I want to destroy it. And that is also why I want Angel to do it…”
Angel: “BoojiBoo…”
Stitch: *puts the Sword back in it’s sheath and gives it to her* “Please Angel, 627 knows where we are. And if he gets a hold of this… We will all surely Die by his hand in use OF the Blade…”
Reuben: “You know, there IS that Blue Hedgehog we all saw back in Honolulu. Maybe HE can fight old bean-face because I just about had all I can stands from him and I can’t stands no more.”
Stitch: “The Hedgehog is not needed.”
Shadow: “Maybe not the Blue one, but what about the Ultimate Life Form?”
Stitch: “Hmm?...” *turns around and sees him*
Shadow: “Please, do not be alarmed. My name is Shadow, and I am here for your assistance in keeping the world safe from discord and tyranny.”
Reuben: “Sorry Black and Red but the SPOT of him having partners has already been taken.”
Shadow: “I was asking for his HELP, NOT to JOIN him.”
Reuben: “You, in need of help?” [laughing] “RIDICULOUS! Who’s your FOE?”
Shadow: “Grrrrr… DON’T MOCK me, I may look as if I’m harmless but my SKILLS are to SPEAK for me. And I did NOT come all this way for nothing EITHER.”
Stitch: “Reuben, just leave him alone.”
Reuben: “Huh?”
Stitch: “You don’t even know what he's capable of, his Power is by ⅓ which would be near MY Level.”
Reuben: “Soooooo, I should just--”
Shadow: “Back off while you still have a chance.”
626-meets Sonic-5: Stitch's Green Destiny
Sonic & Shadow © SEGA, Stitch & Leroy © Walt Disney

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