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(Contains: strong language)
Stitch: "So, where's Lilo? I'm pretty sure she'll be happy to--"
Lilo: "Here I am!" *walks in the room* "And the Galactic Emeralds are in Jumba's Lab, since you've defeated Hämsterviel they uh, somehow fell back to Earth right along with YOU. Though I don't really know how, physics can sometimes be weird and crazy I guess."
Stitch: "But... Wait a second..."
Angel & Lilo: "Huh?..."
Stitch: "The Emeralds were all on his Fortress back up in SPACE. How can it be that they're all in one PIECE still?"
Reuben: "I can bring in the info for ya Blue." *also walks in the room* "The Emeralds were created by one of the exact Life-Forms on Namek somewhere around like Eons ago."


"The Namekians are normaly known for creating Dragon Balls, but when it comes to creating other useful items for things such as magic, Ki, you name it."

Namekian child: "Wow, Daddy this is GREAT!"
Namekian Father: "Yes my son, and one day once you become Grand Elder of Namek you TOO can create useful items and and all can be prooven to be of an effect in even the most difficult times. My son, once I pass on the thrown to you, you must always remember to protect the people of Namek. No matter WHAT the cost may be. Do you understand child?"
Namekian child: "I understand Father. I will do my best, even if I have to give my LIFE for ALL of Namek."
Namekian Father: "Just remember that you are still a prince, but as you get older you'll become a Ruler and a GREAT Leader for ALL of Namek."


Reuben: "Though that was all just some ole made up Legend, Namekians don't create Powerful Emeralds. They create only DRAGON, BALLS. You know, the wish making ones?"
Stitch Angel & Lilo: *gives the " Just what in the Hell are you talking about?" look* "WE've never heard of any Namekian you IDIOT!"
Ruben: "Ooook then, well just HOW do you explain THIS?" *pulls out a Dragon Ball*
Stitch: "WHAT the---"
Angel: "No WAY!..."
Lilo: "Seen it before."
Stitch & Angel: "Hawaiian girl say what now?..."
Lilo: "In a few gift-shops."

Meanwhile with Sonic...

Sonic: "You know what Amy?..."
Amy: "What?"
Sonic: "PACK YOUR bags, 'cause WE're goin' to Hawaii! Tails is gonna fly us all there but although... Big's too big for the X-Tornato soo." [sigh] *shivers* "We all have to get there on a boat..."
Amy: "But didn't we all go out on a crues with the Thorndikes? I could've sworn that you've conquered your fear of water back then."
Sonic: "I'm still not afraid of water Amy, I just don't like it still."
Amy: "So you can't swim still, so what. Can't you just learn HOW to for once? I mean you're JUST the same color as the water and the sky."
Sonic: "The skies I like, it's the WATER that gives me the CHILLS still."
Tails: "Hey guys!" *flies in through a window* "Shadow's here, maybe he can take us to Hawaii by using Chaos Control."
Sonic: "Now THERE's an IDEA pal."
Tails: "Well, he's waiting outside for you. He somehow wanna know ABOUT this Blue creature since he's the exact same color as Sonic."
Sonic: "Aw-WHAT?!?"
Amy: "ALRIGHT! Hawaii here we COME!"
Sonic: *face-palms* "Oh-boy, I'm soooo gonna regret this. But REALLY Shadow will after all of this, with all of that Chaos Control of his he always uses."
Shadow: *appears* "YOU slow-poke, Tails DID inform to you to come see me. Didn't he?"
Sonic: "Yeah-yeah just keep your sheos on Shadow, we're going to Hawaii after all."
Shadow: "Yeah but I've just recently reshearched by accident  about these things called Galactic Emeralds, if we speak to the Blue alien we can get him to join our team against tyranny."
Sonic: "Shadow we've already got like an ARMY on our side to help fight Eggman, AND some OTHER baddies besides him."
Shadow: "That White gerbil didn't look like the playing type, we should all be thankful that Blue fuzzy being even had enough Power to end him before falling to Earth. Plus, his Emeralds are all on this Planet now, they're not even of this world Sonic."
Sonic: "And neither are WE Shadow."
Shadow: "JUST stop your blabing and let's go."
Amy: "Wait, did YOU just say Galactic Emeralds?"
Shadow: "Hmph, yes I did."
Amy: "Wow, somehow he's just LIKE you Sonic. Blue and EVERYTHING."
Sonic: "Oh great, ANOTHER copy-cat. Ugh, after this trip to Hawaii I'm gonna need some serious help."
Shadow: "Yes, you most certainly do."
Sonic: "Shut up Shadow."
Shadow: [chuckles] ((Sonic just might get clobbered by something so fluffy, this might turn out to be one Hell of a Vacation after all.)) *pulls out a Chos Emerald* "Chaos, CONTROL!"

As Sonic and his friends head off to Hawaii, our Blew Galactic Hero Stitch somehow has absolutlly NO clue that he'll be visited by a Blue Hedgehog. What will Lilo and Angel say when they get a load of some new faces, and how wil this Ohana react upon it?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Once upon a time, somewhere in the Earth's galaxy… A War was being fought, between the forces of good and evil, Life and Death, salvation and conquest, yin and yang, a Blue alien, along with his Ohana fighting against the tyranny of a White gerbil assuming himself to be hamster like. Defending the galaxy as he attends to this evil ways continually, all attempts that the White gerbil has had the Blue alien continues to foil. The aliens name is Stitch created by a scientist by the name of Jumba Jookiba, stitch is experiment-626, a scientific one with the ability to withstand Fire, Bullets, Injury, can lift objects over 3000 times his own weight, and can even run faster than the wind.

Stitch: “your reign of terror ends here Dr. Jacques Von Hämsterviel, you have terrorized innocent lives for so long. And now it is time for you to stand down.”
Hämsterviel: “I will never surrender, you have been toying with me long enough experiment-626! Now that I have the Galactic-Emeralds Power, there will be no chance of you getting in my way!” *Powers up*
Stitch: “I wouldn't think that.” *Powers up and readys an attack* “Last chance to give up Hämsterviel, you CANNOT win.”
Hämsterviel: “I answer to NOBODY, ESPECIALLY a TROG!” *Fires a Blast*
Stitch: “I was HOPING you’d say that.” *Fires Blasts from his chest*

Within the confines of a crash landed spaceship on earth, Jumba was watching the battle from his alien enhanced TV set.

Jumba: “This being very interesting, Though I'm surprise that little Hawaiian girl is still on this planet with us otherwise she’ll be getting in the way of fight.”

The name of this little Hawaiian girl goes by the name of Lilo, she was the one who discovered Stitch a little after he crash landed on Earth. She was like the closest Ohana to him, and without her, Stitch would have been doing evil things still. Though, that was what he was once created to do before the Galactic Armada interfered.

Lilo: “Stitch IS gonna win, right Jumba?”
Jumba: “No need to worry, just remember I was the one who have made him indestructible in the first place.”
Lilo: “Well, that blast of Hämsterviel’s sure seem awfully powerful, yet deadly. Do you think Stitch can survive it?”
Jumba: “Eh, experiment 626 can survive through anything. He is designed to withstand even the most highest pressure from most attacks.”
Lilo: “Let’s just hope so…”

As Stitch and Hämsterviel continues to push themselves to their limits or even surpassed that against one another, Stitch bursts out a big wave of energy as he thrust the beam Straight towards him.
Hämsterviel: “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”


Jumba: “Oh… My… Word…”
Lilo: “Whoa…”

Tired out from using such attack, Stitch then faints as he falls back down towards Earth. This fall lasted for up to 4087 miles, before he even hit the ground it was about 8 billion feet per second.

Lilo: “STITCH!!!!”

Almost two and a half months have passed as soon after the fight.

“Stitch?... Stitch, please wake up...”

He then wakes up to a sweet voice that is so familiar to him, he knows who’s voice it was. He opens his eyes and sees…

Stitch: “A-Angel?...”
Angel: [giggles] *pulls him into a huge ‘I love you’ hug* “Welcome back…”
Stitch: “GAH! Angel please let GO I’m in PAIN right now!...”
Angel: “Oh!...” *releases him* “I-I’m so sorry I didn’t--”
Stitch: “It’s alright...” [grunts] “I just hope that attack did it this time.”

Like Stitch, angel is an alien herself, but she was Pink. She had the same similarities as Stitch, although the only difference were long antennas matching the same length of a typical everyday ordinary woman's hairstyle (if you count how long Lilo’s hair is).

Angel: “I’m just so glad you’re back, DrySpell thought you weren’t going to win.”
Stitch: “When it comes to fighting a gerbil like Hämsterviel, I’ll never give in to Death, nor evil.”

Elsewhere on earth, a Blue Hedgehog Speeding and dashing through the city of Station Square was heading home after dealing with a certain enemy of his that everyone knows about. He goes by the name of Sonic.

Sonic: “I swear, one of these days Eggman might end up getting himself killed over messing with Nature. It’s as if he ENJOYS getting his butt kicked.”

when he reached home in a mere half a minute, he opens the door to see a Pink looking version of himself in his house.

Sonic: “AMY!...”

Her name was Amy.
Amy: “Did you hear about another Blue Creature defending the Galaxy just now?”
Sonic: “Not really, I was too busy kicking Eggman’s butt again.”
Amy: “Which, is getting old now.”
Sonic: “Scratch that, it IS old”
[both laughing]
Amy: [sigh] “Well I’m gonna go to Hawaii to see him. Wanna come with? it’ll be fun and exciting once the two of you share your adventures.”
Sonic: “Nah, thanks anyway but we don’t want 2 Blue Heroes running around in one area. People might get confused.”
Amy: “But you don’t even know how he look or what he look like.” *pulls out an iPad and pulls up a Photo of Stitch* “Isn’t he cool?”
Sonic: “Whoa, were you in his area by any chance?”
Amy: “Nope, this Photo was on the world news this morning.”
Sonic: “Huh…”
626 meets Sonic-1: Victory at the Last Second
Sonic & Shadow © SEGA, Stitch & Angel © Walt Disney
Stitch meets SONIC the HEDGEHOG
Change of Fan-fics, I'm doing a Lilo & Stitch one with SONIC and some of his crew in it. This one I will post NOW with Episode 1-Victory at the Last Second, hope you all like the first Episode, I'll be doing a second one on my Phone at the moment.

Sonic & Shadow © SEGA, Stitch & Angel © Walt Disney

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I'm gonna be on TV here in youngstown tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., the news channel station is WFMJ. It might be on :iconyoutubeplz: as well so just search the name "WOLF-TIGER" (That's my Freedom Fighter name, wish me luck.)lol Also spread the word too.


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Listen It doesn't even matter if you win or lose, yet when you play the Game you get a Scar and a Bruise.
We gotta stand strong we'd fight hard when we do, and all of our troubles can get killed and go poof.
No-matter how bad things are we try, even if we're in a problem kind'a like a "HELL's-RIDE".
All of us can live and all of us can die, but most of us just build our whole lives in a lie.
I used ta blame the assholes from the ghetto for the shit that they do and say, but see they'll never blame me for going away.
Because these memories of their Blood bleeding under my skin, repeating the same bullshit again and again.

I'm willing to make Art-Work Short YouTube-Films, Video-Games, and Fan-Fics regarding both Cartoon & CGI. And if anybody needs me I'll be on Google+, Don't ask if I have Oovoo cause I don't Oovoo-fuck.

Hi I'm Jaidon S. Nukaru. I'm just an average "A&tC"-Fan,I make Fan-Art, Fan-Fictions, Videos, Songs and all that jazz hehehehe. Alvin and Brittany are both my fave there ever were, somewhat Simon and Jeanette (kind-of easy ta know that they might get married hehehe) and Theodore and Eleanor are sort'a my fave as well. I have no problem with either the CGI or Cartoon-Versions of them (in-case that wasn't obvious) both Versions are in my vote (which is a 50-50), yet there are times when I arrive in new environments but there are moments to when I make a mistake either once or more than that (so please forgive me if things slip my mind). Though I don't really like nor enjoy "Mixed Couples" at all, if I meet somebody who do I'm not gonna judge argue or fight with them, so I'm only letting people be themselves (I'm that good of a person.) Most of the above is pretty well known facts, so I'll tell a little about myself outside of Chipmunk related things, too. I'm an Extreme-Mix-Marshal-Artist (traditional that is) I fight for who I Protect even if I have to risk my life for them (there are times when I don't think about my own well-being so mess with anyone I care about you mess with me) and there are times when I don't understand most things (either fully or well enough) I am an African-American (but mixed with a bit of Japanese, hehehe guilty) I once lived in Chicago, (which I call Chiraq-Vietcago) in Illinois but just moved to Youngstown, Ohio (getting the hang of the place kind'a fast though.) Some other things I like besides Chipmunks are Anime-Shows, Sprite-Shows (getting ready to make my own though haha) Anime-Films, Horror-Films, Murder Documentaries, collecting Media and using it at times when I'm bored and stuff, Music (Clean or Explicit) Stories (Either on a Book or on the Web) Video-Games (My main one is Soul Caliber V though because I can create Characters such as "the Chipmunks & Chipettes and more) Rapping and Singing (but only when I record just by using my "Mixcraft 6") Finding stuff that I can use during some of my walks to most areas (for example I find Sticks and Pipes to transform into weaponry for when I don't feel like using my fists and feet) and I do tons and tons of racing (either on foot or behind the weal though.) There are times when I get mean, I'm a nice guy but lie to me, cross or double-cross me, aggravate me, harass me, bully me, try to punk me out, threaten me, or even try to fool or trick me into things, I'll be coming back for whoever did so in all of those Categories so watch out! Plus there are times to when I act like a fool, and just plane-ole don't know what I'm doing (so there will be times to when I need at least a little-bit of guidance) and I have no problem admitting that. Some things I don't like are bullies, liars, crooks & criminals, idiots, judgmental folks, unexpected occurrences and events, murderers, thieves, cheaters, and gayness. Some things I'm afraid of are my family dying (plus other good people) and my pets dying (unsuspectingly.) I think that about sums it up, really. Just keep in mind that I might make some mistakes every once and a while, so please, just take it easy on me.

I wish I had a need and a want to argue fight and rant like most of you all, so that I could enjoy your company.
Also I don't like to be judged so quickly, so please if your going to classify me as something when we meet for the first time, just at least give them a chance before you make the person on the other end feel so untrusted.



Ever heard of Green-Blackness? This is what it really mean.
So before you all even say ANYTHING...



Depending on the mood I'm in, it's according how I feel. I'm a nice guy, but if I'm pushed I won't go easy just to let everyone know. So please, let's all be friends, not Enemies.

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'Always there for you' by Neko-me
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I don't really watch "MLP", but THIS image takes me back to when I was in 1st grade. There was this girl who I've liked so much as if s...

Avomon by Zummeng
by Zummeng

THIS IS AWESOME! Can she do the "BIG-BANG ATTACK" next?:XD: I mean, it would look REALLY cool if she did becayse I had a dream about Renam...


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