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'Always there for you' by Neko-me
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I don't really watch "MLP", but THIS image takes me back to when I was in 1st grade. There was this girl who I've liked so much as if s...

Avomon by Zummeng
by Zummeng

THIS IS AWESOME! Can she do the "BIG-BANG ATTACK" next?:XD: I mean, it would look REALLY cool if she did becayse I had a dream about Renam...



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United States
Listen It doesn't even matter if you win or lose, yet when you play the Game you get a Scar and a Bruise.
We gotta stand strong we'd fight hard when we do, and all of our troubles can get killed and go poof.
No-matter how bad things are we try, even if we're in a problem kind'a like a "HELL's-RIDE".
All of us can live and all of us can die, but most of us just build our whole lives in a lie.
I used ta blame the assholes from the ghetto for the shit that they do and say, but see they'll never blame me for going away.
Because these memories of their Blood bleeding under my skin, repeating the same bullshit again and again.

I'm willing to make Art-Work Short YouTube-Films, Video-Games, and Fan-Fics regarding both Cartoon & CGI. And if anybody needs me I'll be on Google+, Don't ask if I have Oovoo cause I don't Oovoo-fuck.

Hi I'm Jaidon S. Nukaru. I'm just an average "A&tC"-Fan,I make Fan-Art, Fan-Fictions, Videos, Songs and all that jazz hehehehe. Alvin and Brittany are both my fave there ever were, somewhat Simon and Jeanette (kind-of easy ta know that they might get married hehehe) and Theodore and Eleanor are sort'a my fave as well. I have no problem with either the CGI or Cartoon-Versions of them (in-case that wasn't obvious) both Versions are in my vote (which is a 50-50), yet there are times when I arrive in new environments but there are moments to when I make a mistake either once or more than that (so please forgive me if things slip my mind). Though I don't really like nor enjoy "Mixed Couples" at all, if I meet somebody who do I'm not gonna judge argue or fight with them, so I'm only letting people be themselves (I'm that good of a person.) Most of the above is pretty well known facts, so I'll tell a little about myself outside of Chipmunk related things, too. I'm an Extreme-Mix-Marshal-Artist (traditional that is) I fight for who I Protect even if I have to risk my life for them (there are times when I don't think about my own well-being so mess with anyone I care about you mess with me) and there are times when I don't understand most things (either fully or well enough) I am an African-American (but mixed with a bit of Japanese, hehehe guilty) I once lived in Chicago, (which I call Chiraq-Vietcago) in Illinois but just moved to Youngstown, Ohio (getting the hang of the place kind'a fast though.) Some other things I like besides Chipmunks are Anime-Shows, Sprite-Shows (getting ready to make my own though haha) Anime-Films, Horror-Films, Murder Documentaries, collecting Media and using it at times when I'm bored and stuff, Music (Clean or Explicit) Stories (Either on a Book or on the Web) Video-Games (My main one is Soul Caliber V though because I can create Characters such as "the Chipmunks & Chipettes and more) Rapping and Singing (but only when I record just by using my "Mixcraft 6") Finding stuff that I can use during some of my walks to most areas (for example I find Sticks and Pipes to transform into weaponry for when I don't feel like using my fists and feet) and I do tons and tons of racing (either on foot or behind the weal though.) There are times when I get mean, I'm a nice guy but lie to me, cross or double-cross me, aggravate me, harass me, bully me, try to punk me out, threaten me, or even try to fool or trick me into things, I'll be coming back for whoever did so in all of those Categories so watch out! Plus there are times to when I act like a fool, and just plane-ole don't know what I'm doing (so there will be times to when I need at least a little-bit of guidance) and I have no problem admitting that. Some things I don't like are bullies, liars, crooks & criminals, idiots, judgmental folks, unexpected occurrences and events, murderers, thieves, cheaters, and gayness. Some things I'm afraid of are my family dying (plus other good people) and my pets dying (unsuspectingly.) I think that about sums it up, really. Just keep in mind that I might make some mistakes every once and a while, so please, just take it easy on me.

I wish I had a need and a want to argue fight and rant like most of you all, so that I could enjoy your company.
Also I don't like to be judged so quickly, so please if your going to classify me as something when we meet for the first time, just at least give them a chance before you make the person on the other end feel so untrusted.



Ever heard of Green-Blackness? This is what it really mean.
So before you all even say ANYTHING...



Depending on the mood I'm in, it's according how I feel. I'm a nice guy, but if I'm pushed I won't go easy just to let everyone know. So please, let's all be friends, not Enemies.

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Well, there's a Musical Artist in the building, and you might wanna check out their hits. I kid you not this is something you just gotta check out!…

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Dead ''e'' Wonderland-- by JAID-SHADOW

In Kobe, a young girl named Yuna and two small aliens had just arrived to class. The Pink one named Angel was sitting an one of the class visitor's desks finding out more info on today's field trip that they will all be attending today. Angel was watching an advertisement regarding the trip.

"Earthling or alien, young or old. Here, everyone's WILDEST dreams come true! That's the magic, the THRILL, of DEAD-"E" -WONDERLAND."

Yuna then, walks in the room, and heads to her seat next to Angel.

Yuna: "morning Angel."

Angel looked away from her device and sees her.

Angel: "Huh? Oh Hey Yuna."
Yuna: "Breakfast on the go again huh? Where's your backup?"
Angel: "No idea."

Yuna takes a seat, as she placed her bag next to her, then turn toward Angel.

Yuna: "Whatchya looking at anyway?"
Angel: "Oh, I was just grabbing up some stuff online about this prison tour field trip thing".
Yuna: "Oh really? Are you just as hyped about it as I am? I me the place was suppose to be rebuilt after a number of events that have occurred when it was called something else."
Angel: "Yeah I know.. it's just lazy they're not taking us someplace better."

Angel then puts her device on sleep mode, and takes a sip of her cran-apple.

Yuna: "But Okinawa's so epic, don't you agree?"
Angel: "If you say so I guess, I mean it's been two years since Stitch and I were even there. I don't really remember much."
"She has a point, we were both on a mission. The place might be so much more different and we'd never know."
Yuna: "How's it going stitch, what's up?"
Stitch: *waves to Yuna* "Thanks a lot for skippin out on me dearest."
Angel: "It's not my fault if someone sleeps like a lousy dog."
Yuna: *turn toward Stitch* "You're killin' me, two days ago the shoe was on the other foot. "
Angel: "There wouldn't even be a shoe if sir bighead didn't break my iPhone."
Stitch: "Well you should've bought the G-11" *grabs one of her tacos and scarfs it down* "So... the field trip Right? Great idea, That'll fly." [gulp] "Though most people who think Okinawa, they still think the Red circle. Not everybody who survived it has Angel's knack if selective memory."
Angel: "Aw C'mon, NOT this crud again!"
Yuna: "Chillax guys. Does it matter where they take us? Seriously. We're only four days from our final exams, the name of the game is distraction."
Stitch: "Then I'm up for it if you are, anything to bail us out of here I guess."
Yuna: "We lived it up at your homeland Hawaii last month, where we go doesn't matter. Let's just make the best of it, OK?"
Stitch: "Sure."

Just as the bell rang, the rest of the class take their seats. Just then, a sinister figure descends at the fourth floor of the school just outside of the building. At that moment, he was right at the classroom where Yuna and our heroes were. A Song begins to play in a low note tone and Angel hears it. It was all too noticeable, this is Her Song she and she herself sing.

Angel: "That Song... It's my Song I just know it, but how can anyone piece together the notes so well?"

She looks around, but to see the figure floating outside of the window.

Angel: [gasp] "Just how is he..."

Purple hexagons then come sprouting out from the figure, as well as Red liquid.

Stitch: "Angel, what is it?"
Angel: *gets up from her chair* "Wait hold on we're on the fourth FLOOR!"
Stitch: "What in the..."

Stitch looked to where Angel is facing, then at that moment he sees what she sees.


The figure then spread his arms out as the hexagons and Red liquid breaks through the windows. The entire class of students along with Angel and Stitch were sent flying and blown throughout the room screaming as white light illuminates the vicinity as the sounds of decapitation occurred, and then things faded to Darkness. Two minutes later, Stitch was the first to come to.

Stitch: [groan] "What just happen?.."

He looks around and sees that the walls now have Blood stains, followed by body parts of all the students.

Stitch: "Is this a... Bad dream?.."

He turns to his right and sees that Angel is in one piece still.

Stitch: "I just hope she's alive still."

He then faces forward to see Yuna's face.

Stitch: "Hey Yuna, are you oka--"

But to only see that she's been de-headed, and being held in the hand of the murderous figure. Stitch then screams in terror and fright of what sight he just witnessed as he backs into a wall of lockers that's within the room.

Stitch: "Who are you?.. And wh-wha-what did you DO!?"

At that moment, Angel finally awaken. She turn toward Stitch, but to only witness the figure throwing Yuna's head at Stitch and miss. The figure then creates a Red Ruby from each of his hands.

Stitch: [gasp]
Angel: "Ga-gaba?.."
Stitch: "God please no..."

Then he strikes them both in the chest, shoving both Rubies in. Our two heroes at that moment pass out. What else awaits them once they each awake?


Chapter 1: "Two on Death Row"

Later in the afternoon, someone wakes up in a secret laboratory. As their eyes open there was a bit of blur for only a few seconds. When the vision fully cleared, a nurse scientist was in view of the character right next to them. The nurse then left out of the room as the they sat up. It was Angel, she was in the room by herself untampered. Just 35 seconds later, three men in suits come in. They were detectives. One of them shows her his badge.

Detective: "Would you happen to be Angel-(624)?"
Angel: "Umm... Yeah?.."
Detective: *puts his badge away* "We have a few questions we would like to ask you. I'm afraid... You'll need to come with us."
Angel: *eyes widen* "H-huh?.."

In yet another lab with yet another three detectives, Stitch was in cuffs. Obviously(like with Angel), he too is being questioned.

Stitch: "This... Can't all be real..."

Suddenly, a man comes in pushing through the detectives.

"Court appointed attorney passing through gentleman!"

He gives Stitch a card with his name 'Josh Davies' and his contact information.

Josh: "A pleasure."
Stitch: "Gaba?.."

The detectives then leave the labs with both Stitch and Angel, but each of them were on separate floors. Stitch was on the 6th and Angel was on the 4th.

Stitch: "No listen... Please guys--"
Angel: "You must hear me out we SAW him!"
Stitch: "It's the stranger in Gray HE's the one you WANT!"

They each had a flashback from earlier that moment. Right then, They felt as if they were about to blow chunks, up until that instant, something clicked.

Angel: "Hold on..."
Stitch: "I can prove it he got me, I also saw him nail Angel in the same spot."

Both of them then pulled opened their shirts to try and reveal their rubies. But sadly, they were nowhere to be seen anywhere on their chests.

Angel: "Where did it go?... It was..."
Josh: "Oh you poor little creature, you've been through so much." *walks up to him and holds him by his paws* "Won't nobody come hurt you anymore little dude."
Stitch: "Listen, we didn't DO this!"
Josh: "Of Course not." *pets him on the head* "And I'm going to do everything I can to see that the judges know that."

Angel then comes into the 6th floor along with the other detectives and sees Stitch with Josh.

Angel: "Stitch, we need a lawyer."
Stitch: "We already have one."
Josh: "AW, what a cutie, I'll make sure the both of you are deemed innocent."

Stitch smiles with a sigh of relief, but Angel on the other hand somehow sees this a little farfetched.

In court, the judges began their sentencing.

"Based on what was all investigated..."

Before then, detectives were interviewing the parents of all the kids that were murdered.

"Upon careful consideration of the evidence..."

And Stitch and Angel were speaking to Davies, telling him everything they both know and witnessed.

"Unprecedented though it may be..."

And now.

"I fear..."

Here they are.

"The only recourse we have... Is capital PUNISHMENT!"
Stitch & Angel: [GASP]

They couldn't believe it. Their first murder trial regarding a crime they weren't responsible for has crushed them to oblivion, and this was all just a start of things going downhill for them.

Stitch: "This isn't true..."
Angel: "It can't be..."
Stitch: "We swear on this, we're innocent..."

Four bailiffs come to them and put them in cuffs.

Angel: "Why is this happening to us?.."

They then began to walk them out of the courtroom. But just when Angel start crying, Stitch snapped and snached away from them screaming.

Bailiff#1: "What?!.."
Bailiff#3: "HEY get BACK here!"
Angel: "STITCH!"

As Stitch tried to break the cuffs, he had no idea that he was headed toward angry parents and families.

Stitch: "What the Hell's going on here? Why won't any of you people LISTEN TO US?!!"

When he got close enough, two ladies jumped him. They started punching and kicking him in the head and face, seven blows was all he took til the bailiffs pulled them off of him.

"Kill'em, KILL'EM!!"
Stitch: "B-but they were our friends, we wouldn't..."

TigerLily comes up to him, then grabs him by his neck.

Stitch: "L-listen... Yuna was..."
TigerLily: "Never say her name... Never in HELL say her NAME!" *punches him in the face*

From that punch, Stitch fell to the floor. But what TigerLily didn't notice was her iPhone dropping from her shirt pocket onto the ground. She grabs him again, but just then the device then projects a Video footage.

"Alerting new footage"
Stitch: "We're innocent, really, please..."
Stitch{on the Video}: "Well yeah we're gonna walk, think about it. Nobody will buy two aliens being behind something this horrific. Who's the lawyer here? Shucks. Besides we're cute and fluffy, they couldn't throw the book at us if they wanted to. Am I right?"
Stitch: "Hmm?.. Who in the Hell is that?..."
{Video}: "Truly it didn't matter to me who it was, but it's much fun gashing up people's faces you have to look at every day. Huh, especially the stuck up little sluts. Angel couldn't resist seeing for herself rather their twots were as full of crap as their buttholes. Ya know what I mean? And, you know... Figured we're off to do any of'em might as well do'em all. Sorta like passing out homemade New Years Party invitations. Yes yes, our Powers. C'mon, have we spoke of this already? Once we hear them say innocent we'll show you our gifts and curses. Heh, call it our God given right for being the most elite ones in the world." [evil laughter]

When the Video ended, TigerLily tightens her grip angrily on Stitch.

TigerLily: "I've treated you like my flesh and Blood for Yuna's sake all these years!.."
Angel: "We didn't do this! He keeps telling you!"
TigerLily: "Why? Why did you take my little cuz?.."

Two bailiffs come up behind her.

Stitch: "Gah!.. L-listen to me... Please!..."

They then grab her causing her to drop and let go of Stitch, and pulls her away.

TigerLily: "AAAah! Let GO of me! I have rights! The little motherfucker owes me an ANSWER!"
I do not own "DEADMAN WONDERLAND" nor "Lilo & Stitch"(this include the "Stitch!" anime)Nor Mickey and friends, nor the Super Heroes from DC Universe.
They all belong to their respective owners.
The Story itself is my own as a writer/fan(no joke or lie intended).

All rights reserved

The following is rated ":icondeviantartplz::iconbookplz::iconmplz::iconaplz:.
Mature audience will read.

Note: Expect for the Story to be updated however often.

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「地球人や外国人、若いまたは古い。ここでは、すべての人の野生の想像力が自由に歩き回る。それは魔法のスリルだ「デッド "E" -WONDERLAND。」




エンジェル:「いいえアイデア。 "


天使: "ああ、私はちょうどこの刑務所ツアー遠足の事について何かをつかみました。」
天使: "私は知っている..それは彼らがより良い私たちにいくつかの場所を取っていないだけで怠け者です。」


天使: "。ステッチと私もありましたので、あなたがそう言うなら、私は推測する私は意味、それは私が本当に多くを覚えていない、2年間されています。」
由奈*へ*波 "最愛再び私に出て 'skippinためにありがとうございました。」:ステッチ
天使: "それは私のせいに誰かがlouzy犬のように眠っていません。」
由奈:*ターンのステッチに向けて* "。あなたはキリン「私は、靴が他の足にあった日前にどのくらい遠くまであなたの両方がこれを取るだろうね?」
ステッチ:「さてあなたは、G-11買ってきたはずです。」 *彼女のタコスの1を取得し、*それをスカーフ「右、今...だから...遠足?..クールなアイデア、それは飛ぶでしょう。」 【グッ] "ほとんどの人は、彼らはまだそれを生き延びたの赤いリングのない、誰もが、選択メモリの天使の才能を持っていると思う沖縄だと思います。」
エンジェル:「勘弁してくれよおやおや、ないこのCRUD再び! "
スティッチ: "あなたは、私が推測するここから私たちを救済するものであればよく、私はそれのためにアップするんです。」


エンジェル:「その歌...」* *は周りに見える」。BU-けど...私はそれを歌うだけだとどのように誰かがノートはしかし、それを実行するようにつなぎ合わせるのですか?」 * [あえぎ]「何?!.. he--どのように "*ウィンドウを見て、そこに誰かを見ています
ステッチ: "エンジェル、何か間違ったことを?」




ステッチ:「私のああ...皆様のここをGET !! "


ステッチ:[うめき声]「?偶然何義和... ... "*は、私は彼女が今生きている願っています(彼の右に変わり、エンジェル*を(見ている*「?WH-どこ私は..​​.」*周りに見えます。))*楽しみにしています*「ユウナねえ、あなたはoka--しています」




ステッチ:【あえぎ]「神なしてください... "


天使: "?ステッチ..."

DEAD-''E''WONDERLAND(japanese ver.)





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