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'Always there for you' by Neko-me
by Neko-me

I don't really watch "MLP", but THIS image takes me back to when I was in 1st grade. There was this girl who I've liked so much as if s...

Avomon by Zummeng
by Zummeng

THIS IS AWESOME! Can she do the "BIG-BANG ATTACK" next?:XD: I mean, it would look REALLY cool if she did becayse I had a dream about Renam...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Listen It doesn't even matter if you win or lose, yet when you play the Game you get a Scar and a Bruise.
We gotta stand strong we'd fight hard when we do, and all of our troubles can get killed and go poof.
No-matter how bad things are we try, even if we're in a problem kind'a like a "HELL's-RIDE".
All of us can live and all of us can die, but most of us just build our whole lives in a lie.
I used ta blame the assholes from the ghetto for the shit that they do and say, but see they'll never blame me for going away.
Because these memories of their Blood bleeding under my skin, repeating the same bullshit again and again.

I'm willing to make Art-Work Short YouTube-Films, Video-Games, and Fan-Fics regarding both Cartoon & CGI. And if anybody needs me I'll be on Google+, Don't ask if I have Oovoo cause I don't Oovoo-fuck.

Hi I'm Jaidon S. Nukaru. I'm just an average "A&tC"-Fan,I make Fan-Art, Fan-Fictions, Videos, Songs and all that jazz hehehehe. Alvin and Brittany are both my fave there ever were, somewhat Simon and Jeanette (kind-of easy ta know that they might get married hehehe) and Theodore and Eleanor are sort'a my fave as well. I have no problem with either the CGI or Cartoon-Versions of them (in-case that wasn't obvious) both Versions are in my vote (which is a 50-50), yet there are times when I arrive in new environments but there are moments to when I make a mistake either once or more than that (so please forgive me if things slip my mind). Though I don't really like nor enjoy "Mixed Couples" at all, if I meet somebody who do I'm not gonna judge argue or fight with them, so I'm only letting people be themselves (I'm that good of a person.) Most of the above is pretty well known facts, so I'll tell a little about myself outside of Chipmunk related things, too. I'm an Extreme-Mix-Marshal-Artist (traditional that is) I fight for who I Protect even if I have to risk my life for them (there are times when I don't think about my own well-being so mess with anyone I care about you mess with me) and there are times when I don't understand most things (either fully or well enough) I am an African-American (but mixed with a bit of Japanese, hehehe guilty) I once lived in Chicago, (which I call Chiraq-Vietcago) in Illinois but just moved to Youngstown, Ohio (getting the hang of the place kind'a fast though.) Some other things I like besides Chipmunks are Anime-Shows, Sprite-Shows (getting ready to make my own though haha) Anime-Films, Horror-Films, Murder Documentaries, collecting Media and using it at times when I'm bored and stuff, Music (Clean or Explicit) Stories (Either on a Book or on the Web) Video-Games (My main one is Soul Caliber V though because I can create Characters such as "the Chipmunks & Chipettes and more) Rapping and Singing (but only when I record just by using my "Mixcraft 6") Finding stuff that I can use during some of my walks to most areas (for example I find Sticks and Pipes to transform into weaponry for when I don't feel like using my fists and feet) and I do tons and tons of racing (either on foot or behind the weal though.) There are times when I get mean, I'm a nice guy but lie to me, cross or double-cross me, aggravate me, harass me, bully me, try to punk me out, threaten me, or even try to fool or trick me into things, I'll be coming back for whoever did so in all of those Categories so watch out! Plus there are times to when I act like a fool, and just plane-ole don't know what I'm doing (so there will be times to when I need at least a little-bit of guidance) and I have no problem admitting that. Some things I don't like are bullies, liars, crooks & criminals, idiots, judgmental folks, unexpected occurrences and events, murderers, thieves, cheaters, and gayness. Some things I'm afraid of are my family dying (plus other good people) and my pets dying (unsuspectingly.) I think that about sums it up, really. Just keep in mind that I might make some mistakes every once and a while, so please, just take it easy on me.

I wish I had a need and a want to argue fight and rant like most of you all, so that I could enjoy your company.
Also I don't like to be judged so quickly, so please if your going to classify me as something when we meet for the first time, just at least give them a chance before you make the person on the other end feel so untrusted.



Ever heard of Green-Blackness? This is what it really mean.
So before you all even say ANYTHING...



Depending on the mood I'm in, it's according how I feel. I'm a nice guy, but if I'm pushed I won't go easy just to let everyone know. So please, let's all be friends, not Enemies.

:iconjplz::iconaplz::iconiplz::icondplz: :icondeviljinplz: :iconsplz::iconhplz::iconaplz::icondplz::iconoplz::iconwplz:


Journal History

HOLY sweet snakes on a motherfuching PLANE shit done hit the FAN in this sitch! These people are TOO fucked up for no REASON, THIS dude has the STORY to all of this Cyclone like mess!
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: "Angel Of Darkness" by Alex C & Yasm
  • Reading: My Nana's old Diary from before she passed aw
  • Watching: ASURA's WRATH on YouTube
  • Playing: Any FIGHTING Game, Plus ADVENTURE Games as well
  • Eating: A Balanced meal
  • Drinking: Water, Coffee, and mainly Tea



Color: Brown, Black, Silver & Gold-(antennas)
Eye color: Black
Power-Level: Still a little stronger than Stitch
DOB: Some time after the creation of Stitch
Mother: Doesn't have one
Father: Jumba-(his creator)
Form of Character Base: Stitch Angel and (or) DrySpell
Power Signature Source: Galactic Emeralds (as well with Stitch and Angel)
Styles of Combat: (like Stitch) All Martial Arts in the Galaxy including Earth's
Relationship: Single
Kids: None. Why and how when he was just re-created by Jumba after his days as his former self (just 627)?
Bio: Brass was once nothing more than Jumba's ego when Jumba first created him as Experiment-(627) before now, When he was defeated by Stitch and Angel in the outskirts of Youngstown Ohio (and dehydrated by DrySpell) He was re-made and re-mastered as in the same body structure as Stitch and Angel (and somewhat DrySpell also). "Well hey, Stitch Angel and Dryspell all have the same structure, c'mon peeps if you see people with similar body structures that means they're somewhat the same." Brass can also do what "the Ultimate Life-form"-(Shadow the Hedgehog) can do but with the use of Power from the Galactic Emeralds, he has known this back when Stitch explained it to him during his reactivation. Stitch Brass and Angel can all use the Galactic Emeralds due to the fact that Jumba had (without even digging a little deeper for what he obtains and uses to create his Experiments) was adding into them during creation. Brass still has a little bit of his cockyness, but uses a little way less than most others. It all depends on if people tries to get cocky with him first. He as half stronger than Stitch and (by an exter quarter) stronger than Angel and DrySpell, he has devoted his life to keep his friends and family safe from all evil even if it means fighting enemies a little stronger then him, he can lift objects over 6000-Times his own weight, he can still use the abilities he had back when he was his former self, he can spit out tarr just like Rib (same results when he sneezes), and he can also travel in Space over 40,000 light years away from Earth and back, he can also spike out Adamantium-laced claws (just like Wolverine of the X-Men), can run much faster than the Speed of Light (if you haven't heard of The Flash), can Bend Elements and is skilled enough to defeat and kill monster demons devils phantoms and ghosts (yes, he's also SuperNatural). His Power is massive (in God's level somewhat) but should he goes overboard with any of his most Powerful attacks it would weaken him a little bit, attacks such as "Iron Light-Speed Dash", taking control of an opponent, Using an ancient Jitsu from either the Sand and or the Leafe and losing his loved ones and crying about it while using his attacks on their murderers plus overage of Speed while running. Like Sonic Shadow Jaid Alvin Brittany and Stitch he can go Super, he calls himself in such form "Brutal Brass". In this form he is Beige though his Black Streaks stay the same, his body does not weaken when using his even his most highest attacks, and he can never be harmed pushed or even moved while in a fight.He and Stitch can also merge together just like Sonic and Shadow, Goku and Vegeta plus Alvin and Austin to become Bratch (Brass and Stitch mixed), they can also do it in their normal form as well. He and Stitch fight side by side since he was reborn and he has nearly no ego at all, and when he met the others (including the lovestrucked DrySpell by his looks and all) He's very well patient when it comes to thinking about (and waiting for) a date. He and Stitch usually sparr, but only either when they're finished with a mission or don't have anything to do, he hangs out with a few of his peeps every now and then but more likely he requires alone time to keep his Powers under control. Many people do not like Brass as much as they do not like Stitch, many people such as Lilo and Yuna's arch rivals (Mertle and Penny). Like Stitch, he is wrongfully judged by them but refuse to show them who's boss to let them know "Start crossing me, and you will end up like how I always kill my enemies." as to strike fear into them by showing only his Aura and not attacking. Once then his haters immediately backs off of him, especially while he's tagging' along with Stitch. Once judgemental personnel sees both of them together, they all keep away from Stitch so as to not willing to face the Wrath of the Brown Black and Silver. To end this off, pretty much nothing can stop him unless his weaknesses get to him (which is not that often).

Stitch and (or Angel) base © Disney
Stitch drawing © :iconribera:
Brass © me-:iconjaid-shadow:

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